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Founded in 2014, we have grown consistently by providing the highest level of service and being trusted partner to all our clients. From our base in Sheffield, we have expanded North and South into West Yorkshire and the East Midlands.

At Lantern Risk Services we believe that no matter how much your insurance costs you can rely on us for the highest level of professional service, providing an in-depth knowledge of the insurance market whilst being personable and approachable. Our aim is to get it right first time, every time.

Lantern Risk Services is a family business at heart, providing a combined 40 years of experience in the insurance markets.


At Lantern, we provide business and personal insurance solutions for a diverse range of clients. We deliver a personal service, ensuring our clients are adequately protected. With access to over 200 insurer markets, premiums will be competitive. Some of the main types of insurance that we offer are:

Commercial Combined

Manufacturing and Engineering is the heart beat of our economy and the heartbeat of our business. We have experience of underwriting all types of manufacturing, from plastics and precision engineering, wood based businesses to food and drink.

Fleet Insurance

Whatever the size of your fleet, we can provide the appropriate insurance solution for you at a competitive rate. We will help you manage your fleet risks with practical risk management advice, which will reduce the impact of claims and keep premiums low and stable.

Professional Indemnity

From Architects to Solicitors, Financial Advisors to Recruitment Consultants. We can assist with you find the suitable cover for your business, understanding your specific industry requirements and ensuring your policy is ready to work for you if required.

Technology Insurance

With recent changes on the management of data and the increased level of cyber related crimes, we are here to assist you with the right policy selection for your business. We have helped computer manufacturers, website companies, web marketing, IT consultants, Cyber Security specialists and computer repairers. As well as the more niche companies that provide telematics systems, equipment used in aerospace, satellites and for military purposes.

Cyber Liability

Any business, enterprise or charity that holds confidential client data is at risk of a data breach and dealing with the associated costs that this incurred. As well as the interruption of a hacking, virus or ransom ware request. There are many cyber liability products in the insurance market and some are better than others, we will help you choose a policy that matches your needs and provides you with the protection you require in case the worst occurs.

Contractors Combined

Whether a sole trader or a large firm you need to ensure that your policy provides cover for the work you actually do and does not exclude key areas of your business. We can also provide JCT single contract works, work at height and depth, large levels of indemnity and risk management advice to reduce the potential of a claim, and also if a claim occurs work with you to minimise the impact on your business.

Property Owners/ Property Investors

We can provide cover for unoccupied buildings, as well as those under construction, as well as multi-tenure properties. We can work with landlords to ensure that they are protected in case their tenants cause damage as well as provide cover to assist in rent disputes with tenants.

Directors and Officers Insurance

With the changes to the Company Act and the increase in vexatious claims, we are here to help you protect the Directors and the company for when a claim occurs.

Phoenix Company Insurance

For many reasons businesses fail, it is a sad fact of life especially in the difficult times we are in. However this does not mean that the directors and key people from those businesses shouldn’t be able to try again. Ensuing that you have the right cover as a Phoenix business, is essential so that you can trade successfully and rebuild.

Start-up Business Insurance

Every large business started somewhere, and we are here to help provide you with the cover that is flexible, competitive and comprehensive so you can move your new enterprise to the next level.

Private Client

We can arrange specialist covers for everything that you hold dear – from your home and its bespoke contents, your heirlooms and irreplaceable items of jewellery to your vehicles.


Our dedicated team is on hand to look after you throughout your journey with us.

Daniel Fielding

I joined the CIS in 2000 as a graduate and worked in various areas within the business, I progressed to the risk and insurance department effectively buying insurance for the group. From there my insurance career took me to London and around the world. My wife and I decided to start a family and we settled back home in Sheffield, where I worked for large American insurers, in 2014 the decision was taken to leave the corporate world and grow my own business, a decision I never regretted.

I am proud to be a Chartered Insurer and find the knowledge and experience I have developed helps customers of all sizes.

I am lucky to have a lovely family with two quickly growing children and a dog called Rosie. To relax I enjoy road cycling, fitness, supporting the Owls, cooking and shouting at the radio.

Joe Barker

Having spent 16 years in the insurance market, taking me from Telesales to Team Leader, I’m delighted to be part of Lantern Risk Services, creating the East Midlands office.

My career in insurance has led me to specialise in various areas – Leisure, Thatched Property, Waste and International Property Owners. I have an appetite for the intricate and enjoy solving complicated problems for my clients.

My time around the world has involved some interesting areas – from Middlesbrough to Malta – and a few places in between. Outside of work I enjoy studying, the gym, evading retirement from the football pitch, learning Maltese with my wife Lisa, and Mediterranean Food and Drink.

Jeff Dunn

Having spent 45 years in the Insurance market in various roles from Area Manager to Head of UK Sales and as an Insurance Broker, I am now delighted to be working with Lantern Risk Services, creating the West Yorkshire Office.

I consult and advise Business Owners on all types of Business Insurance needed to Protect Their Staff, Their Business and Their Assets.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, live music and live comedy and my guilty pleasure is Karaoke.


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